Sunday, 25 July 2021

Holidaying in Jönköping

We have planned to go down to Bunkeflostrand next month the whole family, to see the Hybholts. But Pia and I wanted to spend more time together so we decided to meet up in Jönköping for a weekend trip away, because - why not?
Jönköping turned out to be a quite charming city! The hotel we stayed in was situated smack bang in the middle of it all, we found an Asian restaurant down by the water which was so good we actually went back there twice! We did lots of walking about, shopping, explored the city, ate good food and had fun - a great few days together!


Buying ice cream by weight. Not so Covid-friendly (the shop mandated use mask and gloves, still it felt so-so...), but a fun concept! Even though of course by the time you got to enjoy your all the different flavours, you had forgot which was which... ha ha.

Jönköping groupie!



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