Friday, 9 July 2021

4 July - 9 July 2021

Sunday and we woke up with all the ACs not working... arrghhh. So everyone was awake earlier than we wanted, but in the end that was good as the maintenance team could address the issue straight away. After some pre-travel admin, Linnea and I went to IKEA to pick up her new mirror which had finally come back in stock, and to the new M&S in Yas Mall for lunch. Nathan was at work and Lucas hung out with Yazan so the kids got pizza and Nathan and I had left overs.

Monday and we started this day bright and early too, as we had the exterminators coming to deal with the ants invasion. Nathan went to work in the afternoon and the rest of us mooched around. We are all in pre-travel mode so actually just enjoy being home. For dinner we had chicken tikka masala, cauliflower rice and edamame.

Tuesday and I woke Lucas up early again, as we were going to play padel with Cecilia and her son David. It was a while since he had been up that early, and been outside in the heat AND played padel; so we only played the three games and then he had to give up. But it was fun!
We had a birthday Zoom with cousin Caitlin who turned 20 today (where has time gone??!), and then Linnea and I went to Abu Dhabi Mall to have a look for some swimmers. Mission complete, we found some really nice ones! We had dinner with Peta and Browny to wish each other happy summer.

Wednesday and time for the dental hygienist for the kids, then an afternoon of going through the packing. In the evening I dropped Lucas off at the mall to see a friend while I played padel in the city. Last padel in the heat for now. Picked him up again, and came home to creamy salami pasta which I devoured, yum!

Thursday and the kids and I went for our pre-travel PCR-test in the morning before Linnea and I went to the hairdresser and then to the nail salon, to get travel ready. Busy, busy day which warranted take-away from the Granite shop for dinner, and movie night with 'Tomorrow War'.

Friday and the PCR results came in just as I had my morning coffee, which meant I could get on with the online check-in. Anyone remembers how it was to travel when all you needed was your passport..?!!
The rest of the day went by with mooching around, again - finishing off the packing and doing a quick supermarket run so Nathan doesn't starve the first few days at least... He is at work today, so when he gets home we will have pork loin, mashed potatoes and bearnaise sauce for dinner before it is time to hit the airport for that middle-of-the-night-flight. Hasta la vista!

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