Sunday, 4 July 2021

27 June - 3 July 2021

Sunday and last week of school has started for this school year. Nathan went flying all day and I was really bored so started the ordering of stuff for the summer... ha ha, made me a little bit happier. Pasta and Swedish meatsauce (not tomato based) for dinner.

Monday and we managed another padel game. Today with Cecilia's son David stepping in as the forth player. Good fun!

The rest of the day didn't bring anything else exciting to write about. Nathan was at work, kids at school and I... I... I don't know where the day went. Took Lucas over to Yas Mall as he was having dinner with some of his friends, and the rest of us had steak, egg and chips for dinner. I finished the evening with a Zoom with Linda and Anna.

Tuesday and Nathan did a morning bike ride while I did the treadmill. 


We then had lunch at Brot in Al Zeina, said hi to Peta, and Nathan went for a haircut next door before we picked the kids up. We ate so much I got a tummy ache, and for dinner nobody was really hungry. TV-dinner with bangers in bread it was.

Wednesday and I started the day with a PCR-test after dropping the kids off at school, for work tomorrow as I have picked up another LAD tour! I then sorted the house out for the cleaners, and did a session on the treadmill before picking the kids up from their last full school day.
In the afternoon I went back into Maryah island for another game of padel. Unfortunately the forth player didn't turn up (he had gone to the wrong club) so we asked a random guy to play with us, and in the end only got about 30 minutes of play in.

Thursday and early morning exercise before I went to see my friend Karin for coffee. Picked the kids up at 12 and now it's Summer Holidayyyyyys! Yay!
In the afternoon Nathan went to work and I dropped Linnea at Yas Mall where she was meeting a friend for a spot of shopping. After I had gone to do the tour at the LAD, an Express Tour this time so quickly done, I went back to the mall again to pick Linnea up. We got home to celebratory take-away Chinese food, to celebrate the Summer Holidays.

Friday and exercise in the morning for Nathan and I. Kids up suitably late for the first day of the summer holidays and a very lazy day had after that. Daal for dinner and TV all night.

Saturday and Nathan and I started with coffee and exercise, done before the kids woke up. We then went solo to Yas Mall to do a few errands, and had lunch at Burger Fuel, mmm. Did the groceries and went back home, brisket and potato gratin for dinner.

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