Saturday, 17 July 2021

A mini-vacation in Örebro

I have arrived in Örebro!

Örebro is only about a 2 hour train ride away from Skövde. I was armed with face masks and tons of sanitizer for the trip, but I was lucky enough to have the whole carriage to myself - very Covid-friendly!

Erika and I decided to meet here for the weekend, as it is about half way between the two of us. I wanted to avoid the crowds in Stockholm this summer as well, so instead of me coming to her as per usual, we made a mini-vacation out of seeing each other. A great idea!
Unfortunately our hotel room wasn't ready for us (until about 6pm!!), so first we went walk-about in the city center for a bit, then we shared a bottle of bubbly and decided to go explore the spa area of the hotel while waiting.

We ended up at a restaurant just by the water for dinner.

Very Covid-friendly even here. We got a table well away from everyone and ordered our drinks and food via an app. We sat outside, and even close to 10pm, it was still warm enough in t-shirts.

Such a beautiful summer evening!

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