Thursday, 1 July 2021

1st July 2021 Covid status

A lot of things have changed around here this past month, but I'm not really sure if I would call these changes "steps in the right direction" or not. It mostly feels like one step forward, two steps back at the moment to be honest.

From the 15th of June, to enter any restaurants, malls, beach clubs, museums etc - you needed to be 'green' in your Al Hosn App. The Al Hosn is the app where our vaccinations and all the PCR-tests we take gets logged and are shown. To become 'green' for us who are fully vaccinated, we only need a PCR-test every 30th day, no big issue. But - this system was only in place for three days, before it broke down and got suspended, until further notice.

Additionally on the 28th of June locally developed EDE scanners were taken in use. These devices are supposed to be able to detect infection by measuring electromagnetic waves that change when the RNA particles of the virus are present in someone's body. Very high-tech! Let's see if this is the way forward to beat this.

In good news, the 'Green List' was updated on the 24th of June, and extended with both Norway, Denmark, Finland and - Sweden (amongst others)! Yay! Super good news! This means passengers coming from those countries won't need to quarantine or self-isolate on arriving.

Here are the numbers from today:
* 1675 new cases, from 291,003 tests today.
* 1556 recoveries today.
* We have had a total of 634,582 cases here, and a death toll of 1,819.
* The global death toll has now exceeded 4 M people.

Today 81,142 doses of vaccine has been administrated, which means the total doses administrated stands at 15,3 million and that takes the rate of doses to 155 per 100 people.

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