Thursday, 15 July 2021

Kinnekulle - Sculpture Park Ouroboros

Our next stop was something I had read about, a new place here on Kinnekulle which only opened earlier this spring - Sculpture Park Ouroboros.

Here above is the logo of the park - the Ouroboros symbol. It's one of the oldest Egyptian symbols in history which have been assimilated into several other beliefs and cultures. It represents the idea of rebirth, which is rather suited for this sculpture park as it will have new sculptures every summer.

This year there was eight different artists exhibiting here in Ouroboros, with artwork representing many different materials and techniques spread out all over the garden.

You could also peak into the blacksmith workshop:

There was a lot of cosy places for a picnic, if we would have brought our own 'fika':

This funny troll below is created by my old friend Peter Skallström:

I really loved these jumbo sized paintings by Göran Löwing, and particularly the placing of them with the fields as a backdrop. Such a beautiful marriage of the fields, the forest, all the greenery and these paintings!

A great little cultural excursion day!

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