Monday, 15 January 2018

The fun continued

We barely had time to come back from our Christmas holiday before our first visitor for the year turned up. My best friend Erika came down on her FORTH trip, to visit me.
It made it all ok to start with early mornings and school runs again, since I had another whole week of fun to look forward to.

We started with a workout morning, trying out something I have been wanting to do for a while - the Out of the Gym Desert Walking.

It's a couple of Scandinavian ladies who organize these walks twice a week out in the Al Khatim desert. They provide walking sticks, and the guidance through the dunes; pointed out and told us about the flowers, bushes and different animal traces we discovered along our way.


We had a great two hour walk in the desert. This day we were four guests, and the ladies adapt the walking to their participants. We stopped every now and then to empty the sand out of our shoes, but mostly we kept walking at a steady pace. Some dunes were taller than others, but you always had options in going across or around them.

And after our lush walk, we were offered some energizing snacks and coffee by the car before we left the desert for this time. 

I really would like to do this again, hopefully some more guests are keen to come along!

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