Monday, 15 January 2018

A touring Thursday

I wanted to take Erika back to the Louvre Abu Dhabi during the daytime one day as well, for her to experience the sunlight reflected under the dome, and to have a second wander around in the galleries, to look at some of the things we missed the first visit, which also was a bit rushed.

Erika had a look at this little statue and contemplated if this is how she'll look and feel when returning to and trying to dress for the cold and the snow back in Sweden... 

After the Louvre we stopped for coffee at the Art House Café. A favourite of mine where I don't get to go too often as it's so far away, but now it was perfect to stop in as it was on our way home.
They had expanded their outdoor area so we could enjoy the sun, which made Erika happy.

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