Saturday, 20 January 2018

A conversation with Aisha

Living in an expat community and thanks to modern technology, there are a lot of online groups to join, for exchanging ideas, getting answers to queries and some even meet around different interests. One group that I follow on Facebook is the Abu Dhabi Airlines Spouses. Sure thing, even though the only thing we do have in common really, is that we are all married to Etihad pilots - the group hosts quite interesting get-togethers around different subjects on a regular basis.

Last week I was lucky to have the day off when they had organized a morning coffee together with a Scottish lady who came to the UAE almost 20 years ago, decided to convert to Islam then met her husband here and ended up staying.

Not only was she a great story teller and I thoroughly enjoyed her many stories, especially the one of how she had ended up here; I also learned a lot from listening to her tell us about her currant life situation, which is very different to ours as expats, for many reasons - not just because of our different beliefs.

It was an inspiring and enriching morning, in many ways. It was lovely to meet Aisha, and all the other spouses of course, and exchange thoughts and ideas on our life here in the sandpit. It sure is a special place, and I'm glad to feel happy and content about where I am.

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