Monday, 22 January 2018

14 & 44

Another year, another birthday - is it just me or are they coming around faster and faster..?!
Lucas and I were lucky to have our birthday on a Saturday this year which meant that we got a little bit of a sleep-in. Linnea came to wake Nathan and I up at 8 am, and then we went to sing and deliver birthday gifts to the birthday boy, as per tradition:

His laptop unfortunately packed up just as school started after the holidays, so since we had to immediately get him a new laptop (they have to have one for school); there wasn't many other gifts from us. Of course the grandparents, and the cousins had sent some, so he still got some to open.
He got books, a lens kit for his mobile phone, clothes and some money.

The birthday girl also got very lucky, turns out it pays off to write a wish list, although I had sorted 3/5 of the gifts from the family myself... I got some lovely Jo Malone and wine markers, some candle light holders I had wished for; margarita glasses, a mouse mat, a Tiffany necklace and a poetry book - also from the wish list - a glass box from Iittala and a new puzzle.

Pancake breakfast!

We then went to have lunch at the Yas Links Golf Club. This time of the year you really HAVE to sit outside to enjoy the lovely weather, even if the flies are a bit annoying.

In the afternoon we went to see a movie all together, 'Jumanji' in 3D. We are all fans of The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black so it was a good choice.

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