Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Home improvement

I have been wanting to replace our sofa table for quite a while already. It was a two-piece nesting table from IKEA and it never really worked, as we have far too many remotes and controls. It just didn't provide enough space for all those things, and coffee cups etc.
I saw this beautiful coffee table which I really liked in one of the fancy furniture shops in Yas Mall last year, but it was rather expensive so I got a bit put off. I ended up uhm-ing and ah-ing a lot about it, and when I finally decided that I did really want it, no matter the cost, of course it had gone out of production... Argh.

So, I got a bright idea and sent off a picture of it to my trusty furniture-makers in Sharjah. They said they could make it for me, at a fraction of the cost! I got so excited, and even more this week when it got delivered.

This is the sofa with the old table:

And this is how it looks now:

The table has a glass top, a shelf for all the remotes and gadgets AND two drawers where you can hide everything away when you want it to look extra tidy! I'm so pleased!

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