Sunday, 6 August 2017

Swedish summer trends 2017

As per usual I find great amusement in trying to identify the current trends while I am in Sweden during the summer. When you are an outsider, it all becomes that much clearer how conform and identical the Swedes actually look. They are quite a gingerly people, and no matter how much they each wants to be perceived as unique, many look just the same to me..!

So what were the big trends this summer?

- The white t-shirt with the original Levis logo. It seemed like EVERY girl between the age of 10-17 was wearing it.
- Pastel coloured hair. Not just on youngsters but on adults too.
- 3/4 length wide trousers. Yes, I admit, this one I love!
- Pleated mid-calf long skirts, often combined with plain white t-shirts.
- Lots of people with fake/spray tans. Not so surprising I guess, there was hardly any sunbathing weather in Sweden at all this summer.
- The 90s Birkenstock sandals are back, even among the young and trendy.
- Nike shoes with short socks in them and rolled up trousers.
- Shirts and tops with cut-outs over the shoulders.
- Ruffles and flounce details.
- Wearing gym clothes (i.e tights and functional tops), even when just walking about town, doing shopping etc.

Luckily it seems like the long ongoing (and to me completely ununderstandable) trend with leggings under skirts and dresses is about to be phased out, finally. I mean - why not just wear trousers, if it's too cold for short skirts and dresses??

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