Friday, 25 August 2017

Fun for all

Our last day in Singapore was a bit of mix of activities. Matt & Misuzu took us to this Kiwi café for brunch (Matt is also from NZ), and we had some lovely breakfast, coffee and pastries. Lucas didn't approve of their meat pie though... ha ha.

Oliver and Lucas was twinning:

In the afternoon Misuzu and I took the three big ones to the movies. They went to see the Emoji Movie and Misuzu and I could browse the shops in the mall in peace at the same time, win-win!

In the evening we went to the Swiss Marché restaurant, a favourite of ours. We had only ever been to the one in Orchard Road but now we decided to try the one in Suntec City. Food was amazing as always, but I must say the atmosphere is better in the one in Somerset.

After dinner we went haunting for a Levis t-shirt for Linnea (read this post to understand why...), and as a treat the kids got to spend a bit of time in the gaming arcade. Oh my... so loud!! And so many people everywhere, grown-ups!! So not my thing, but the kids got to have some fun.

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