Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tuesday nights were made for this

Tuesday afternoon at 5.15 pm I stood by a H3 tent in Diplo, hydropack and all, raring to go into the jungle.

Rather fitting being back at this particular hash site, as I also did my very first hash here back in the day. During my time in Brunei I ended up doing 211 hashes with the H3 ladies. Oh my do I have many fun memories of these Tuesday night shenanigans!

I walked with my friend Maria/Satu Lagi, who recently moved back to Brunei after three years in KK.

Yes, we walked the trail, mostly because it was hard work for me (...), but also because I wanted to stop every so often to take photos, of course. Just look at these awesome pitcher plants!

And after some ups and downs, crossing some streams and paying our respects along the ridge by Bills Hill - we were already out again!

Time for shout-up. I got a down-down for being a returning hasher and had to introduce myself accordingly, for all the new ladies. I felt like a celebrity when not just one, but THREE different girls approached me and thanked me for my Brunei blog ..! One even exclaimed "You are the reason I am here!!" in the middle of the shout-up, ha ha! Glad to know the blog could be of help to someone!

The H3 chapter has really grown and there was a lot of new faces. Great to see so many new hashers though, makes for really fun Tuesday nights!
I didn't stay long. I enjoyed the dinner put on by the hares and then made my way back home as I could see the rain was coming, and I didn't want to get caught in it... Thank you H3 for another fun Tuesday night!

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