Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Back at Jerudong International School

We returned to the kids' old school Jerudong International School most days during our stay. Both to drop the kids off, and at pick up time. The security had tightened, so we had to sign in each time and pick up a visitors badge. Ha ha, in the end I thought the lady in the Visitors Center was going to offer me a parent badge, as we showed up so much!

They now finally have a coffee shop for parents!! Oh how badly we tried to get one at campus back in the day!

The kids were so, so, so excited and completely ecstatic to reunite with some of their old class mates. It was a true joy to see how well they were received, even after all this time. We also caught up with some of their old teachers and that too was very touching.

The JIS campus was looking very good, a few new licks of paint here and there, some new installations and above all, a new Sports Complex and some other new buildings.

The senior school lockers, were we hung out with the kids' friends. They weren't allowed to come along during the school day, but they were welcome to see their friends during their lunch time hour.

This campus really is one of a kind. I wish we had this in Abu Dhabi too. JIS is certainly one of the things we miss the most, a great school.

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