Monday, 28 August 2017

Zumba time!

I started my Zumba journey in Brunei. That's where I first tried the classes and where I started to teach after becoming an instructor 6 years ago. Back then I had a few regulars in my classes who came to each and every class, without fail. Among them my main fan Peggy, a Chinese lady who is a true Zumba lover. She was with me from the very, very beginning and until I left.
So while back in Brunei I decided to surprise her. I tracked down where she does Zumba now and turned up at the studio Monday evening just in time for their daily Zumba class! She got really happy to see me!

I participated in the class, with their ZIN Wewe, and also with Peggy (who has also taken the instructor training) on stage for one track:

After a long rather inactive summer it was a sweaty, sweaty hour! Hello red face!

I also got invited to do a couple of tracks. For old times sake I chose a real oldie - the salsa 'Rebola Bom Bom' which was one of the very first routines I did. It made Peggy smile!

Thank you ladies, it was great seeing you again! Keep up the Zumba love!

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