Monday, 28 August 2017

Monday in Brunei

Tash and the kids needed to go to the Mall in Gadong for some last minute preparations for their school start, so we tagged along. Apart from a new Pandora shop, we didn't really see any other interesting shops still... Shopping is certainly something the UAE does so much better... ha ha!

I took the opportunity to get Linnea a well needed trim though, for 1/3 of the price what it would cost me back home. Score! She also got her hair styled in a braid, very cool.

We had a long list of places where we wanted to go eat again and on top of that list was the sushi restaurant Excapade. It has really grown and now has many outlets all over Bandar, but we chose to go back to our regular. Unfortunately the service there had gone terribly down hill (or maybe we were just very unlucky this particular visit), but the food was still as delicious as ever! Mmm!

Hannah and Linnea, friends for 10 years!

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