Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A Horsham reunion

We finally managed to get together this year again, four of the families who used to hang out a lot while we lived in Horsham: Wellanders, Johanssons, Robertsons and us.

Last time we all reunited was in Åhus 2010 - so quite a lot had happened, at least with the kids!

Adam (14), Philip (11), Max (nearly 14), Tilda (nearly 15), Tilde (11), Emma (13), Linnea (nearly 12) and Lucas (13).

The Mums and the Dads hadn't aged a bit... or?

We met up at the Sofiero Castle, once one of the Swedish royal family's mansions. The castle itself is today used as a gallery and a restaurant, so we stopped in for yummy lunch.

The main attraction of Sofiero is the very large garden, with a wide range of plant life and a small collection of modern art. We enjoyed walking about in the palace grounds, and said goodbye just before a huge downpour started.

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