Friday, 25 March 2016

Domo Arigato!

Last night we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate it's Spring Break and we have survived yet another term of school! Nearly there for this school year, just one more term to go!
I was doing a Zumba class in Abu Dhabi Mall, so after that we all went to the hotel just next door to pick a restaurant for dinner. We ended up going to the teppanyaki restaurant, Benihana.

I went to a Benihana restaurant once many moons ago in Athens, but I wanted the kids to experience it. It's not just going for a meal, it's a whole experience. You have your own chef that performs a show while cooking right in front of you on a hot plate, doing endless tricks and joking around.

Our chef was called Michael; he juggled with his utensils and the spice containers, caught eggs in his hat, tossed prawns up in the air and caught them with a fork, flip flattened pieces of fried egg into our mouths from afar, and arranged onion rings into a fire-shooting volcano. It was awesome!

The food was pretty amazing too, we had grilled salmon, chicken, prawns, vegetables and steak; miso soup and onion soup, some sushi, edamame and salad. Yum!

Domo Arigato!

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