Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Saturday morning it was time for the highlight of the Robertson holiday, at least if you asked Max - Ferrari World! The nr 1 thing he wanted to do when in Abu Dhabi (followed by swimming in the sea - check - and going into the desert - check!).

We were surprised, but happy, to see that there weren't a lot of visitors this day, even though it was a weekend. Nearly no queues at all anywhere, the kids went on all the rides and did all the experiences - and we hardly had to wait anywhere at all.
Here Lucas and Max are changing tyres on a racing car:

In the F1 simulator going around the Yas Marina track. Max was Michael Schumacher:

Nathan, Lucas was Felipe Massa:

Jens and Karin tried it as well, but Max was actually the winner!

We also raced in the go-karts. So much fun!

The girls were too short to do this, so they were in charge of the photos:

AND - we went on the world's fastest roller coaster, the 'Formula Rossa'! What a rush! It shoots out and accelerates 0-240 km/h in 4,8 seconds, and throughout the ride the max G-force is 4.8Gs!
The whole 2 km ride took just a minute and a half, and we came back and stepped out of the coaster train completely adrenaline filled! Oah!

Just like every other race driver that take on speeds like this, we had to wear safety goggles. They left at nice little mark on all our foreheads!

The kids also took on the 'Training Camp', where they got to climb different obstacles. Here's Linnea on her way up some pipes:

 Max to the left and Linnea to the right:

Perfect day to visit Ferrari World, and happy to finally be able to say that we've been on the fastest roller coaster in the world!

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