Sunday, 20 March 2016

A busy weekend

This weekend was quite a booked up weekend for all of us.
Both children were invited to birthday parties, Linnea went to Adventure HQ on Thursday while Lucas was at rugby practice; and Lucas to a class mate's house on Friday, and then he had a friend here for a sleepover.

I had a farewell brunch on Friday afternoon, two of my good Swedish friends are leaving soon, so we decided to go for one last indulgent Friday Brunch this week at the Ritz Carlton.

Saturday morning after Oakley's walk, Grandma and I took the kids for a swim and poolside lunch at the Fairmont, something we don't do too often so I really enjoyed that. A lovely relaxed morning.

In the afternoon it was time to take Oakley for another Doggy Day Out at the Sanctuary. 27 dogs were there to play, and he had a great time. He played with Riley again, and made more new friends. Initially he didn't come when called, but actually towards the end he came for treats, and he was quite happy to come back on the leash when it was time to go. Baby steps.

Nathan? Well Nathan had to go to work all weekend unfortunately... poor him... He had an overnight at the Maldives... Life is tough... :)

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