Tuesday, 1 March 2016

An afternoon in the dunes

Going out into the desert is something we would like to do more, but somehow the weekends always get away from us, and we get busy with other things.
We have only really been out twice, once with Swedish School and once doing the 'Carols in the Desert'. At some stage I would actually like to do a proper camping trip and stay out there overnight, but that might have to be next season, as it would involve a bigger shopping trip for all the gear...

After having spent the day at Yas Beach, we packed everybody up after the kids had come home from school - including Oakley - and drove about 45 minutes out into the dunes.
It was Oakley's first trip to the desert and boy, did he LOVE it!
He ran and ran and ran, up and down the dunes, tried to dig holes (a bit pointless in the desert...), chased the kids, and ran and ran and ran some more! He seemed to think this was his best day ever!

I think for next trip we need to at least buy some toys to sled on, this approach didn't work very well..! :)

My gorgeous ❤️

The kids had a blast, and tired themselves out nicely too. Up and down the dunes, pretending to go skiing, racing and chasing each other.

It was rather windy, but we got the BBQ going and had our dinner in the dunes. It was a bit crunchy and sandy, ha ha, but nevertheless, a lovely experience, especially for our guests.

It was a really nice afternoon, but as soon as we had watched the sunset, we decided to pack up and go home. It gets cold, and dark, really really quickly, and since we are not seasoned desert travelers by any measure, we thought we'd better get out of there while we could still see.
We'll be back, soon!

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