Saturday, 12 March 2016

Happiest 5k on the planet

Ever since I read a post from the Adelaide Colour Run on my friend Nina's blog three years ago, I have been wanting to take part in a Colour Run of my own. While we were still in Brunei, there was no such thing there (although they've had their first one there too now!), so when it came here to Abu Dhabi last year - I signed the kids and I up straight away.
Unfortunately, I got really sick just that weekend, and instead of running around in clouds of colour, I spent all that weekend in bed... Booo.

So this year - we signed up again! Here we are, all clean and shiny before the start:

The start was at 8.30 am this morning, 8000 people had signed up.

The first Colour Run event happened in March 2011, and since that first event - the Colour Run is now happening in over 40 different countries and 200 cities every year.

The run was a five kilometer route around the Yas Marina Circuit, and along they way we passed through five different colour stations where we got dunked, drenched, sprayed and squirted with different colours.

About to go through the yellow station:

It's not a timed race, it's more about just having fun. After that first colour station and they knew what it was all about, the kids got right into it! Heading for the blue station:

The people at the orange station were the most vicious, very eager with the colour!

Lucas found some school friends:

I liked these local ladies, who had wonderfully colourful scarves on, they were so happy, had so much fun and looked amazing!

Pink station, seemed to be the most popular one:

The last station was a big finale of exploding colours in all the shades of the rainbow. I had done pretty good up until now, but here I got green colour smacked all in my ear so I couldn't hear, and in my eyes... aaarrggghhh...

Finish line, where Linnea caught up with one of her rugby team mates:

Then it was time for the Finish Festival, a huge party with loud music, dancing - and a massive colour throw! So much fun! What a fun morning!!

Here's a short clip, can you spot Lucas getting in on the fun..?

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