Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Sunday it was back to school for our kids, and as no visit to Abu Dhabi is complete without a visit to the Grand Mosque, we decided to go there in the morning.

Another great day for sightseeing, no queue at all to pick up the abayas, and a lot of space inside the mosque as well. It was lovely for a change to be able to take it all in without having people sticking their smartphones and tablets everywhere and in every direction to get photos.

After the mosque everybody was hungry, so we took the Robertsons downtown and up in the Marina Mall Tower. We had lunch in the café up there where the food is only just ok, but the view is great.

Sunday afternoon was then spent - ehm, not taking photos. :/
Karin didn't feel well, so she went to bed early; the girls played outside with the other kids in the compound most of the afternoon; I had a Zumba class and Nathan took Jens and Max to the F1 track. The TrainYas was on, so Jens and Max ran one lap while Nathan rode his bike a few laps. Another cool experience that is very UAE!

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