Thursday, 7 April 2016


It breaks my heart to have to write this post, but unfortunately we have had to say goodbye to our gorgeous puppy. After only being with us since October, Oakley passed away earlier this week.

It seems he was born with faulty kidneys and last months surgery brought this to light.
Nathan got him to the vet while the kids and I were still in Scotland, but the poor little guy didn't respond to any of the treatment and went downhill very quickly. Sadly the kids and I didn't make it back to even say goodbye, he died under treatment at the vet early Tuesday morning.

We are heartbroken to have lost him, but feel blessed to have been able to give him a loving home for his far too short life. He was a very cool dog that fitted in so well in our family. ❤️

I couldn't just pick one photo, so here is a proper photo bomb... I wanted to reminisce over all our happy times. #sorrynotsorry

One of the first photos we got of Oakley, taken by his foster mum:

Oakley's first week with us, coincided with a visit from the Turners:

He was an adorable puppy, look at those big feet!

A photo taken during the visit from the Animal Action, after this he was officially ours:

First walk:

With his beloved 'Croc', the only toy that actually lasted him until the very end:

First outing:

He really was Mummy's doggy, he followed me everywhere - and I mean everywhere..! :)

First time at the beach:

Family trip to the park:

Lucas and Linnea also both got to take him to the beach:

A puppy play date with three of his siblings, and some other dogs:

At Christmas, of course he got presents from Santa as well!

He had many favourite spots around the house, the sofa in the garden was one where he could sit and watch the birds, and keep an eye out for those pesky cats that occasionally would come stroll by along our back wall:

The balcony of our bedroom was another favourite spot, good view from there:

But by far his favourite spot was on the sofa, amongst as many pillows as possible..!

Afternoon nap with Mummy:

He was a pretty clever dog, we taught him many tricks. He knew all his basics, and he also knew how to 'shake' and 'high five'! Furthermore he knew how to leave treats on his paws - look at the concentration... sausages... on both paws...!

He loved his walks and got super excited when I took out his leash, but after the initial burst of crazy he would wait nicely by the door to get the leash on:

Lastly a few photos from what was probably his favourite day ever, the day we took him out to the desert. He loved it so much! He ran and ran and ran, dug holes, and ran some more!
He looked so happy!

And finally below, my favourite photo. Makes me smile everytime I look at it.
Dear Oakley, we will miss you so much. ❤️❤️❤️

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