Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Our mate Will came to see us for a few days. He was on his way back to Brunei from some training in the UK, and stopped in for three days over the weekend. It's amazing how much you can squeeze in into three days, there was time both for sightseeing, shopping, desert picnic, Yas Waterworld - and a lot of beer drinking...

It was lovely to have him here, but it also made me a bit sad and gave me a homesick feeling about Brunei.
Although looking on the bright side, I'm so happy so many of our friends have made an effort to come and see us in our new life. We have had more guests here in the last seven months than we did in Brunei during our seven years there. I guess it's easier since we are sort of "on the way" to and from many places, but still, it's great to have visitors.

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