Sunday, 9 November 2014

Kladdkakans Dag

On Friday, 7th November, it was 'Kladdkakans Dag' in Sweden.
The 'Kladdkaka' in all it's simplicity is really our favourite cake in this family, and one that Linnea can now make all on her own, so of course we had to celebrate it accordingly!

A kladdkaka is a very gooey, brownie-like chocolate cake that most Swedes can make without a recipe. Still, there are many variations of a kladdkaka and it's a fun cake to experiment with.

We actually made two cakes, Linnea made our normal recipe, and I wanted to try a gluten free version since we have more than one friend who can't have gluten. The gluten free turned out quite yummy, but the original cake is still the best.

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