Thursday, 27 November 2014

The last box unpacked

This time last year we had just made the decision to leave Brunei and since everything evolved pretty quickly after the final decision, the weeks that followed got quite hectic.
In the middle of trying to celebrate and enjoy our last Brunei Christmas, we also had to start applying for the kids schools, search for housing and plan out the whole move.

I remember very clearly, when I packed up the Christmas decorations last year on New Years Day, I put them straight into moving boxes (which have been standing around unpacked until now!). It all started feeling so real, and a bit scary and exciting, all at once!
I also remember how I tried to visualize me unpacking them again, in our new home in Abu Dhabi, nicely settled the next Christmas. Well, which is now - this Christmas.

So are we settled? Yes I think so. We have a made a good life for ourselves here. And I sure am excited to decorate our new home for Christmas! Bring it on!

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