Saturday, 29 November 2014

Our first Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday we were invited to our American neighbours for our very first Thanksgiving dinner. I was rather excited, I like experiencing new things! Although I wasn't quite prepared for Chad's deep fried turkey..!

After the initial preparations, in it went... and out it came! Looking tasty!

There was an immense amount of food! We did our best and filled our plates, some even twice - but there was no way we were going to even get close to finish all that food...

So, so yummy!
Kristen had told us to bring our "fat pants", lucky that's all we have at the moment! :D

Lucas found some friends, big and small:

Nathan enjoyed some pecan pie for dessert, together with another of Chad's specialities - bacon ice cream..! Ehm, I wasn't too sure but he assured me it was delicious.

What a great afternoon/night!

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