Friday, 14 November 2014

Go Brazil!

Yesterday I came along with Lucas and some of his class mates to take part in the big opening parade for the Yasalam 2014, at the Corniche. This was what the Brazil float they have been working on for the last many weeks was going to be for. It was really exciting, as we didn't quite know what to expect when we got on the bus from school just after lunch yesterday.

It turned out this parade was designed to be a happening in full carnival style, with loud music and lots of fancy dress costumes inspired by the big race and the world-wide host cities together with the 11 featured local school floats and a drumming band.

Here are a bunch of photos that Nathan and I managed to snap yesterday, I hope you enjoy! Group photo before we set off, Lucas is doing a thumbs-up in the middle:

A couple of the themed performers, taking part and glamming up the parade:

The UAE float:

The floats were pulled by beach buggies, that needed to be pedaled. Lucas' teacher Ms Annie had roped in another strong teacher, Ms Laura, to help; because it turned into quite a workout in the end.

The China float. I guess these guys set the bar for next year! It was - oaw!

The USA float:

We had the coolest music (sambaaaaa!) and prettiest costumed performers though! We actually had to stop several times as people wanted to take pictures with them..!

Somewhere halfway, our float suffered a minor mishap - we got a flat tyre!
Although Ms Annie and Ms Laura decided to power through and just keep pedaling, hence the big workout! They were pretty tired (no pun intended) in the end!

The Japan float:

The Canada float:

 The England float:

The Yasalam had provided all the school children with these info boards, small and big flags and banners - plus these country costumes. As Brazil we were supposed to get a full on football kit, but in the end there was only the t-shirts. Didn't matter much, the kids looked great, and green was a fab colour to identify them in the crowd!

At the end of the parade there was a quick presentation of all the schools, and a prize giving ceremony. Unfortunately our float didn't win any prize, but at least we now know what we need to do to win next year, ha ha!

It was never really about receiving a prize though, the kids weren't too bothered. They were happy to have got to participate and above all - they were super proud of their float, and the fact that it was ALL done by the students themselves, AND all with recycled material!

A final photo of the float, and the Team Brazil! Raha rocks!

The parade ended in the purposely constructed official F1 FanZone™ on the Corniche. It was officially opened last night, and people can go there to feel the rush of the F1® with thrills and games for motorsport enthusiasts of all ages. It's the world’s largest and most diverse F1® fan experience.


Me and my boy! What a great afternoon!

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