Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Schleich collection

I think Lucas got his first Schleich animals on his first birthday, and ever since we have continued to build the kids' collection. Today I bought some shelves, to get the animals up on display, they are too beautiful to be hidden away in a big box. I think we might need even more shelves though, they are a bit cramped...

Schleich is a German toy brand that was founded back in 1935 and they started to make their famous figurines in the 1950s. In fact my Mum still keeps my very well-loved collection of Smurfs back home in Sweden, and the kids play with it every time we are there.
They started to make these animal figurines in the 1980s, and the look, the quality and design of these products have no match, they are amazing. These are toys that will last for generations.

Lucas used to love them when he was younger and Linnea still plays with them a lot. There is not a child that has come to our house that hasn't been captured by them AND they look gorgeous like this, like ornaments on the wall.
Schleich, together with Brio and Lego - the best toys ever.


  1. Jakob has a huge dinosaur collection and I always tell him if we run out of money they are worth a lot ;). Clara collects the fairies. We love the too.

  2. What type of shelves did you use for your collection is really like to use the same ones