Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My new favourite Mall

Today was the day for many shopping lovers here in the region - it was the official opening day for the massive new Yas Mall, situated only 10 minutes from our house..!

Yas Mall has over 370 international brands and is the home to the region’s largest international department store, Debenhams. It's design includes the largest naturally lit central gathering space in any mall in the Middle East; and thanks to it's location on Yas Island, it has a direct link to the world’s largest indoor theme park, Ferrari World.

I was excited of course, so I went today to have a quick browse. With 10,000 parking spaces, it was actually no problem finding a spot. The mall also swallows a lot of people, so it wasn't cramped or crowded at all. Had to take this obligatory photo though, to make sure I would find the car again!

There was still quite a few "Coming soon..." -signs on many shop spaces and to my surprise many of the shops that seemed ready to open, being fully stocked etc, still weren't.
This one was open though - guess where! :)

The Yas Mall also has a about 60 food outlets, a huge play land, a Snow City, an Xtreme Center and a state of the art cinema. In other words, a lot to do here!

I also bumped into this one!

Lucas and the rest of Grades 4 and 5 at school, got invited to take part in the Fun City opening at the Yas Mall today. Getting to skip school for three hours, and go play and have snack at the play land - what a treat!

(Photo borrowed from Yas Mall)

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