Monday, 13 October 2014

Women of Brunei

Look at this book - 'Women of Brunei - Inspiring Life Stories'.
It's a unique book not only because it is about Brunei women, from all walks of life and careers, who has succeeded in elevating the status of women, religion and country in their own different ways. It's also written by two friends of mine currently living in Brunei, Nicola and Cécile.

It took them about 18 months to finish this project, and they wrote the book in hope that it would inspire it's readers, in particular the youth, the future of the nation.

The book contains a compilation of 21 women and their life stories. Irrelevant of their age, these women have all personally achieved something great. The book wants to point out the great things that Bruneian women do and their significance in the development of the country.

I haven't got my copy in my hands just yet. These photos have only been sent to me, the book is soon on it's way, and I can't wait to get to read all these amazing life stories!
Well done Cécile and Nicky!

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  1. Sometimes I wish someone would write a book about the 'everyday heroines'. Why do we always write about women who have done something extraordinary? We forget about, or don't honour women who lay the foundations and make the wheels go around by their everyday contributions (like they are less important) - let's celebrate all women!