Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A countryside afternoon

My cousin Stefan and his family had moved out into the countryside since we were last in Sweden. They are renting a farm in the middle of nowhere, where their dream is to eventually become completely self-supporting. So far they were only self-sufficient in quail eggs and chives though..!

They do have a lot of animals on their farm, Linnea especially enjoyed the baby rabbits. She got to both feed them and hold them.

 Hot dogs coming up for lunch!

They also have several different kinds of hens. We went looking in the hen house for eggs.

Look at the beautiful eggs we found!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Another kind of fun

Mormor and I have also had our own kind of fun this summer. We got really into puzzles, and have puzzled both 500, 750 and several 1000 piece puzzles this summer. 1000 pieces seemed to be the perfect size for us not to get bored with them before we managed to finish them!

We even managed to squeeze in a bit of geography and cultural information while puzzling one of my old puzzles about Sweden. Puzzles for the win.

Linnea helped out a few times too, she turned out to be a real wiz at finding the pieces! A super help!

Fun Camp at the park

Previous summers the Youth Recreation Center in Skara has been closed when the schools have been closed, but this year it was different. The YRC was open all summer so the kids could go and hang out there if they wanted. Also they had an extensive summer program in town, with activities each and every day of the summer holidays.
There was all sorts of things on the program, circus school, sing-songs, gaming tournaments, cricket play, archeology school; trips to Skara Sommarland, Balthazar, Boda Borg to name a few, an E-sport day, drama workshops and much much more.

Even though our kids don't go to school in Skara, I was super grateful to find out they were welcome to take part in the activities we were interested in.
The first one was being a fireman for a day. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from that morning they spent at the fire station, but they came back all buzzing having learned everything about putting out fires and CPR, and they also had been riding in the fire truck and been shown around the whole fire station. Success!

Another day they took part in a Fun Camp in the city park. It looked like tons of fun, with bubble football, bouncy slides, boogie bikes and a life-sized füssball table!

It really was a good day, the kids had a blast with lots of fun activities and made some new friends; and I got a few hours to myself. And another good things was, all these activities were absolutely free! Score! Thank you Skara!

Skåne visitors!

We travel around Sweden so much during the summer holidays (this year we slept in 11, yes ELEVEN, different places!), so it is actually really nice when someone makes the effort and comes to see us!
This weekend we got the best kind of visitors - Pia & the girls had driven up all the way from Malmö in Skåne!

When you get visitors like that you make a Pavlova, that's well known!

We took the kids to the Camp Active trampoline park which we discovered last year. Three hours there flew by and fun was had by all.

Next it was ice cream time in Lidköping.

We also dragged the kids out with us on a forest walk. It was an interesting experience for them. They were all scared we would get attacked by animals, and they weren't too sure about where to put their feet amongst all the greenery, ha ha.

On the Sunday we took the kids to see Jättadalen. Kids and I were there two years ago with Mormor, and it's really beautiful there. It's a huge area of nature reserves, and we aimed to climb to the top of the (dry at this time) waterfall to admire the view.

We all had water from the fresh spring, it was very cold.

 At the top!

On the way down we stopped at a small hut where you could buy home made apple must, and pay via Swish (a new payment method in Sweden used everywhere, where you pay with your mobile phone). Pia had to get a bottle. Trusty people here in the countryside!

After that big walk up and down, the kids had deserved a bit of a play, so we took them to the swimming hall. Although Pia and I decided we didn't really need to go swimming, so we sat and watched from the other side of the glass - in the café! Good deal!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Returning to Ullared

Last year we went to Ullared at the end of the summer holidays. It was after we got burgled when we had to recuperate a few things.
This year the kids (especially Linnea) really wanted to go back, so we decided to do it in the beginning of the summer instead, to stock up for Sports Camp etc.

Pit stop on the way, with a coffee break, to get enough energy to take on the big department store later in the afternoon.

Then it was time to shop, shop, shop! They really have e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

The loot for this year, you think we got enough? Clothes, board games, puzzles, swimwear, underwear, a pancake pan, sports gear, SodaStream accessories, make-up, handbag etc etc.