Thursday, 30 October 2014

Rome 2014 Day 1

Our departure from Abu Dhabi was in the middle of the night last week, which meant everybody slept on the plane and we were (well, so-so) rested and ready to take on Rome already before lunch, after having found our B&B and recharged a little bit.

The air was high and a bit chilly, but it didn't really matter. It was nice getting to experience some cooler temperatures. I like two-layer weather, it's my favourite weather!
We had already got ourselves a weekly metro and bus-card when passing through the Termini station, so we started out by adventuring down into the metro, going in to check out Piazza di Spagna, and the Spanish Steps.

Poor Lucas, it wasn't very much fun trying to hobble along on the crutches. Not only because of the crowds of people, but also because of the cobbled streets. He had to get a bit of a lift every now and then.

Our plan was just to walk around for a little bit and find our bearings. We had promised the kids that we would have gelato every day while in Rome, and already this first day we found this really good place, with 150 different kinds that we ended up returning to a couple of times more during our stay.

Mmm, what to choose?

We continued our walk and also saw the Pantheon:

While walking from Pantheon towards Piazza Navona, we saw this ruckus going on with lots of policemen, bodyguards, journalists, paparazzis and a lot of people taking photos:

So, so we stayed to take some photos too! We have no idea who it actually was, but he must have been someone important! Ha ha!

Our own paparazzi:

We ended up on Piazza Navona for a little breather, before finishing off our first day by going for dinner, and having - pizza of course!

Pizza was goooood!

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