Friday, 10 October 2014

Art, antiques and recycling

Yesterday morning SWEA had organized a visit to an art gallery in town, the Etihad Modern Art Gallery. It was a smaller group of ladies who gathered this time, to have a look around together. The Etihad Modern Art Gallery not a big gallery but the art that was there to enjoy, was lovely.

Meet Tinker. Tinker is the first and only junior T-Rex skeleton ever found in the world!

Even though she is just a baby, the size of Tinker is most impressive. Most dinosaur skeletons exhibited around the world only have up to 5% of the original bones preserved, Tinker has over 50% of it's original bones, in great condition. Tinker is also the first authentic T-Rex skeleton traveling abroad from the U.S, where it was found.

Where they found Tinker, they also discovered several bones of another, adult T-Rex, believed to be the mother. Palaeontologists have named her 'Regina'. This is her head:

Further in the gallery there was a contemporary art exhibition and one part with Islamic art, plus upstairs you could wander through the resident artists exhibition.

The sculpture on the right was made out of used Nespresso pods.

After the gallery visit we went next door, to the Art House Café. All the furniture and all the decor here is made out of waste material. It was amazing to see so many innovative ideas, and all these amazing recycling projects - in a country normally connected with luxury, gold and glitz.

Some of the SWEA ladies:

Finally, we went to the next house on the street, to the Etihad Antiques Gallery. A whole villa beautifully decorated in itself, and filled with different private collections of art, sculptures, furniture and other antique items.

What an exciting and enriching morning!

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