Saturday, 18 October 2014

Green is good

Aaahhh, having done up the garden is making such a difference to how our downstairs feels! I remember when I returned to Europe this summer, seeing all the trees, meadows and lushness felt so good for the soul. I had missed it so much, without realizing. Obviously living in a sandpit is a huge contrast to having lived in the jungle of Borneo!

I get a bit of the same feeling now though when I open my curtains in the morning and actually see some greenery, bushes, and beautiful flowers - it makes me smile. It doesn't matter there are dead palm trees and a huge empty plot of sand just behind our wall, and more of the same (sand, sand, sand...) all around our neighbourhood. Outside my windows I see green. I see flowers. It's so nice.

Last night we had friends over for a BBQ and really enjoyed our new outdoors for the first time. I didn't take any pictures unfortunately, but we had a lovely time, and it felt so good being able to be outside, and to have access to this extra "room".
And look how cosy it was!

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  1. Ett extra rum, som en bra terass i skönt klimat, kan bli är verkligen toppen!