Sunday, 7 July 2019

Summer break

It's time for summer break here on the blog as well.
I will back log our summer once we come back again as per usual. I need something to do during that dreary September.

For now if you would like to keep up with our summer shenanigans, have a look at my Instagram account, where certain summer snapshots certainly will show up! @watsonabudhabi

Mission complete

It seems like every year before the summer holidays I take on a new challenge. I guess it's a combination of being incredibly bored from no work and being housebound due to the heat, and a desire to get off to a good start, before the summer gluttony...
A couple of years ago I did a sugar challenge and cut out ALL sugar, last year I did the Couch-To-5-km program and this year I bought myself a treadmill.

To make sure I'd use the treadmill I made a pledge to go on it for 5 km a day, every day from when I got it until the summer holidays.
Well, we are off to Sweden early tomorrow morning, and as of today I now count a solid 31/31 days streak, of 5 km a day! Well done me!

I have gone by the distance of my Apple Watch and not the treadmill itself, which means that I've probably gone further than the 5 km every day (since my watch isn't calibrated to my actual stride). Actually this last week, I've more or less run the first 5 km, and then walk another 5 km every day..!
So a grand total of 190 km means I've done 4,5 marathons over this month! How cool is that!?

Unfortunately (and surprisingly!) my efforts barely show on the scales. Even though I have been off both the wine, bread and desserts and very good with the rest of my food. Booo.

So I still haven't decided what my summer challenge should be. Keep doing daily workouts but aim for 30 minutes a day (to be real), or try with longer workouts but maybe just 3-4 a week? Or keep to a certain distance a day, or maybe a week? Set a total amount of kilometers to hit over the whole summer?
Anyways, while I think about that I've made sure I've packed my little train-at-home-kit of resistance bands, so that I can get some workouts in during the holidays as well.

Maybe I'll just stick with "closing my rings" on my Apple Watch? That should be spurring me on enough, but leave enough room for different activities. Any other ideas?!

Friday, 5 July 2019

Summer holidays coming up

Wi-hoo! It's summer holidays! No more alarm clocks or lunchboxes... which is what I'm actually most happy about right now, ha ha!
To be honest, it's not really as school goes full power all the way to the end unfortunately. On the contrary, it's been slowing down ever since Ramadan; especially since many students leave early throughout the last few weeks of the term. So it's not like they are going out with a bang. Actually, I've always found the lack of a "ceremonial last day" rather disappointing. It's certainly one of the things from my own upbringing that I'm most sad my children will never experience.

So, I've always made sure we celebrate anyway, so after picking the kids up from school yesterday we went to have some serious slices of cake! Om nom nom!

Well done kids on completing Grade 9 and Grade 7! Now let's enjoy those long summer holidays!