Friday, 10 October 2014

Off to Dibba

Lucas is away on a school trip at the moment. The whole of Grade Five has gone of to Dibba, which is situated in Fujairah on the northeast part of the Arabian peninsula. It took them a bit over three hours to get there with the bus.

They are at a camp called North Star, for three days and two nights. They left yesterday morning from school, all very excited! For some this is the very first time they will be sleeping away from home.
Lucas was very involved in his packing, which was good, we thought through every item together. It was important he would be able to carry it all by himself.

Lucas and a couple of his friends:

 Getting ticked off the attendance list by Ms Annie, his teacher:

There they go, see you Saturday!

This trip seems to be similar to the one Lucas did with his Year Five buddies at JIS in February, when they went to Miri in Malaysia. It's action packed to the max!
One of the teachers have set up an Instagram account so we can keep up with their adventures. He is posting many, many photos of all their activities, which is really lovely and very much appreciated. Judging from the photos they are having a fantastic time!

They have tried rope climbing, raft building, absailing, wall climbing, rapelling, kayaking etc. It's a learning trip, so they have also been in the mountains and the wadis to look for fossils, and on the beach to perform some experiments etc.
What a great experience for these kids! We can't wait for Lucas to come home tomorrow afternoon, and tell us all about it!

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