Thursday, 16 October 2014


Our garden is finally done!!! It's been a long time coming. Finally it actually feels like a garden, even though it's size is obviously still the same - small. But look, quite a difference!

Before and after right outside the "living room area":

Before and after looking the other way, towards the stupid water tank thing they've chosen to place right in the middle of everything. At least now we have two lemon and two orange trees behind it!
(Just realized the BBQ cover needs a clean though...)

A closer picture of the seating area:

We couldn't decide on what type of furniture to get for outside, so we compromised - and got both the bar table and the sofa set! Although one of the armchairs will have to live inside, for now...

View from the door:

Finally, the view from the inside, ha ha! But you know, it's so much nicer to open the curtains in the morning now! It's nice and green outside, and we have colourful pretty flowers too! Aaahhh!

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