Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bearrific memories!

Yesterday we hosted Linnea's 9th birthday party. We had given her a couple of different options to choose from, and finally she had settled on inviting a few of her friends, and going to the Build-A-Bear Shop!
Nathan took Lucas to Warhammer meanwhile, and Pia helped me transport and chaperone seven very excited little girls to the Al Wahda Mall yesterday morning.

We got our own party host that kept everything running smoothly for the about 1h20 we were there. He was absolutely excellent! He kept the focus of the kids all the time, kept them busy and laughing and guided them through all the different steps of the building in an entertaining way.
There wasn't a dull moment, even during the slightly more time consuming parts, the girls who were waiting their turn were busy playing games and doing quizzes.

Singing Happy Birthday to Linnea:

Having chosen their furry friends amongst the many choices of bunnies, bears, dogs and even a camel:

Fluffing their furry friends, some did them hard and some soft:

 Signing a special t-shirt, with special birthday greetings:

Everybody got to pick two hearts, one for their own bear, and one that got a special happy wish - and got put into Linnea's bear:

Air bathing and fluffing their furry friends:

And probably the most fun part, getting to pick an outfit and dressing up their furry friends:

Everybody had picked different bears and different outfits, it was fun to see their personalities shine through!

Naming and registering their furry friends:

Saying the bear promise, and getting handed the birth certificates of the furry friends:

Linnea also got to keep the special t-shirt with all the greetings on it, and she received a framed group photo:

All done and very happy!

After the Build-A-Bear happening, we went back to our house and Linnea got to open her presents. She got so many lovely things from her friends, it was great to see how happy she got for each gift!

 Pizza for lunch, nice and easy, always popular:

She didn't want cake, so we had picked up two big boxes of donuts! Mmm!

As long as you get to blow out candles, it doesn't really matter what they are placed in, right!

One very happy birthday girl that had a great morning with her friends!

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