Monday, 6 October 2014

... We all scream for ice cream!

We've had a really nice long weekend, not doing overly much. We've been hanging about, the kids had play dates and Linnea a party, we've been doing a few jobs, swimming, chilling - just like it should be.
On Saturday I had Pia here for dinner, with her two girls, and they all slept over so us big girls could stay up late and chit-chat in the evening, and the little girls could get up early and get a lot of play in the next day. It was fab.

On Sunday before they left, the Desert Chill ice cream truck came driving through our compound, so I thought let's go see what he's got!

He had a lot of different kinds of ice cream, and all the kids got what they wanted. Surprisingly it wasn't any more expensive than if you would buy the same ice creams in the shops. He had the normal Algida ice cream, but he also sold lovely Italian gelato from Stickhouse. Mmm!

I think we will have to keep an ear out, and catch him again next time he comes!

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