Monday, 13 October 2014

In case of emergency

Yesterday Pia and I (yes... I almost see her more than I see Nathan these days!) took another little drive up to Dubai Marina, to participate in a SWEA talk about "Important information". It was all about different kinds of emergency situations that could arise, and how to deal with them here in the UAE.
It was very interesting, as you would imagine, many things are very different here to what we are used to. It was a good thing to be reminded on how to prepare for, and what to do if those things would ever happen.

The Dubai SWEA ladies were so amazed someone had come "Aaaall the way from Abu Dhabi", it felt like we had flown in from the moon! Well, with a five lane motorway, no traffic and driving from the edge of AD to the edge of Dubai, it had only taken us about 50 minutes this time. It really is just down the road, but still many of them had actually never been to Abu Dhabi!

After the meeting we had a few jobs to do, but first we stopped in at the Dubai Garden Center for a quick browse, and to have lunch in their beautiful conservatory café. It was so, so nice! Lovely food and what a great setting. Another nice day out!

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