Friday, 10 October 2014

A different kind of Ladies Night

I've written about this before, that every Tuesday they open the F1 track for runners, walkers and bikes, and everyone is welcome. It's a very popular event and it's full of people exercising on every level, from families and leisure walkers to elite bike riders. The music is pumping and the atmosphere is great. We've done it a few times, both each on our own, and as a family.

Wednesdays, it's the same thing, but it's 'Ladies Night'. Only ladies are allowed on the track, only female staff working there etc. Or at least Pia and I thought it was the same when we went to try it this Wednesday - but we were wrong, it was a completely different experience.

The entrance to the track was screened off, it felt like it was Ramadan! There was no booths open, and not many people there at all. We actually wondered if it was still happening, it was all so quiet.
No hustle and bustle, in fact, most ladies there were still dressed in their abayas and carrying their LV bags - although I did see they were wearing sneakers!

Quickly we realised that even the track experience was going to be different. They had shut some of it off, so we only got to ride on about half of it. We actually don't know how long the lap was, as neither one of us carried our watches, and none of the staff we asked had any idea either... Our guess is about 2,5-3k out of the normal 5,5k.
The music was there around the track, but the atmosphere certainly wasn't as there wasn't much people at all. We didn't see anyone else apart from us on road bikes, and even though we weren't going at any record breaking speed - we were by far the fastest people there!

You would've thought with not many participants you could've worked up a good speed, but since it seemed most people were there only to pose all over the track to take selfies, it made racing pretty difficult.

Well, we were there, so we did six laps before we started getting annoyed with having to dodge all the people stopping suddenly, riding the wrong way, swerving all over the track, taking selfies etc. Let's just say, I think we'll stick with Tuesdays in the future.

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