Monday, 20 October 2014


Nathan took Lucas to see the orthopedic specialist earlier tonight. We had hoped he would remove the back slab and it would be all go, go, go from there. But no.  
These will have to come along to Rome..:

The specialist was worried that Lucas might have a hairline fracture since his foot was still pretty swollen. Those don't always turn up on the x-ray, so he thought better safe than sorry and put a fresh back slab on, and ordered Lucas not to put any weight on the foot at all - for two more weeks!

Aaargh! Of course it's not really shorts weather in Rome, and none of his trousers fit over the cast! I will have to go emergency buy some baggy trousers tomorrow...
But at least we will save on weight since we only have to take the left one of each pair of shoes! :)

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