Monday, 6 October 2014

Friends without borders

At the end of Year 4, one of Lucas' closest friends, Adam, left JIS and moved to Cairo with his family. It was a real shame as Lucas and Adam were very good friends.
Although it didn't take long, and then it was our turn to leave Brunei too! It's the name of the game I guess - this expat life. But look, yesterday we met up with Adam and his family again!

Since it's Eid, they had decided to come to the UAE for a quick holiday break. They had been seeing family and friends, and yesterday - we got to hang out with them all afternoon and evening. First at Yas Waterworld, and later for a tasty Italian dinner.
Narissa and I:

Nathan and Shamir:

It's very good for the kids to see, that even though you don't live in the same country anymore, you are still friends. We are lucky that most of our friends and ourselves are pretty mobile, travels a lot and we get to catch up here and there across the globe.
It was really lovely to see them - it was a great day!

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