Thursday, 9 October 2014

Being a beach babe

So, it took me nearly seven months, but yesterday I finally made it to a beach here in Abu Dhabi! Yes, I know, it's crazy! Seven months!!
But first we were so busy settling in, then it got too hot to be on the beach; then we left for holidays for six weeks, and when we got back it was still too hot, and we got busy again... so, it was now or never!

My friend Nina took me to one of the public beaches, Saadiyat Beach. It's a great beach, not too expensive to enter, and you are allowed to bring your own food and drink. We were there bright and early, straight after school drop-off.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Even though it was hot, as you can see, it was rather windy and the breeze kept you kind of cool. You weren't sweating. The water temperature was beautiful too, just perfect actually, not too hot, not too cold (many pools here are still chilled f.e).

 It wasn't many people there either, so it was very peaceful.

We ended up staying all day until it was time to go get the kids from school, five hours later...!
Being at the beach, with no kids to look after, is really like being on vacation! Why don't we do this more often?!?

We had coffee, fruit and snacks, and just enjoyed going down in the water, swimming, relaxing, chatting, sunbathing.
Such a lovely morning! Already looking forward to next time! It's a hard life...

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