Monday, 20 October 2014

Heavy congestion

Nathan and I went to lunch today between the bridges. We had come from different ways, so we were in two cars. He was going to get Lucas on the way home, and I was going straight home to start dinner. Well, even after having picked Lucas up on the way, he was still home over 20 minutes before me - I ended up in my very first traffic jam!

It's not something that happens here all that often, at least not during the times when I usually drive around. It wasn't a complete stand-still luckily, but we were moving very slowly. I wasn't too worried, I had nothing to be late for really. I was mostly just trying to concentrate and keep an eye out, as people kept changing lanes without indicating, pushing in rather aggressively and driving where they weren't supposed to.
In these situations I'm happy I have my Beast, at least with that I have some road presence and nobody dares to drive on top of me!

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