Friday, 3 October 2014

A day at Ace

We are having a four day weekend this week, thanks to the Eid holiday. After Lucas tennis tournament, we chose to spend most of this afternoon at Ace (...) because with our new garden, we were in need of some more supplies!

We also had lunch at the coffee shop which is located within the shop, which is actually a rather funny place, the "Book and Bean" coffee/bookshop. It's a second hand book shop, where most books range between Dhs10-Dhs25 in price, and the best thing is - if you return them in good condition, they will buy them back at half the price you bought them for!

They have books about just about anything here. Linnea had a good look around and found a few books she got to buy, but I'm not sure we'll be selling them back though!

This is also about the only place in Abu Dhabi where they sell Warhammer stuff, so Lucas had a bit of a browse as well.

Daddy got a fan for his bike-on-the-trainer set up, a small lawn mower, a reel for the garden hose and an attachment set of window cleaning stuff, for the Kärcher. We also got a foldable gazebo for next time there is a long morning at the rugby field, and - some swanky outdoor furniture! (Pictures will follow when delivered!) Big afternoon!

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