Saturday, 1 May 2021

1st May 2021 Covid status

Another month gone, time for another report. This is the never-ending story.

Not much to report though, no changes in restrictions at all lately. There was rumours about a shorter quarantine period at one stage, but it turned out to be just rumours for now unfortunately. I can't believe there has been no change in the entrance procedures to Abu Dhabi for three months now.

Todays numbers:
* 1712 new cases, from 202,881 tests today.
* 1681 recoveries today. Total death toll 1,591 persons.
* In the UAE we now stand at 521,948 total cases. Globally it is at 151,5+ cases, with nearly 3,2M deaths.

Todays vaccinations: 62,366 doses administrated which brings the UAE to a total of 10,609,950 doses administrated so far. Bam!
And in other good news, my parents back in Sweden have finally received their Covid-vaccinations! Morfar has got both shots, Mormor so far one. Yay, happy days!

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